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One completely assembled Fire Pit made from three cast iron segments, one stainless steel Vertical Pole, one brass Fastener Tool, one cast iron Cooking Grate, one cast iron Fire Grate, one adjustable height Pole Clamp, one Grate Hook and one pair of heat resistant gloves.

The Sherman Cooker ships complete in one box and weighs approximately 117 pounds. The box has four carrying handles to make the package easier to handle.

OSC warrants, to the original purchaser, that all components are free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your Original Sherman Cooker. If you discover a defect, please follow the Warranty Claim instructions below. OSC will promptly review your claim and, at the discretion of OSC, repair or replace the defective item at no charge to you.

Please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Owner name, mailing address, email address and telephone number
  • A photograph of defective component
  • A brief description of the defect

Original Sherman Cookers
110 Industrial Drive
Holden, MA 01562

Weekdays between 8:00AM - 4:00PM EST

This warranty does not cover physical abuse, products that have been modified in any way, or cosmetic issues. Cosmetic issues typically do not negatively affect product performance and may add character over time.

Proper care and use of your Original Sherman Cooker will ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment and great satisfaction.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE USE, be sure to read the Original Sherman Cooker Set-Up Instructions and How to Use and Care for your Original Sherman Cooker.

It is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure that all persons using this product understand how to use it properly and safely.

The Fire Pit segments and Cooking Grate are solid cast iron, as found with professional cookware.  They will never burn through like fire pits made from sheet metal. The Cooking Pole and the adjustable pole clamp are 304 stainless steel, and the Fastener Tool is solid brass. All of the hardware is 304 stainless steel.

The original Sherman Cooker prototype was designed and built in 2008 in Sherman, Maine. See website “Our Story” page for more details.

The Fire Pit has a durable baked enamel finish and the Cooking Grate is seasoned just like a cast iron pan, with Flaxseed oil.

The Fire Pit can be cleaned as needed to preserve the appearance, but cleaning is just for aesthetics.  Animal fat and cooking debris left on the Cooking Grate will protect it from the elements. If you choose to, the Cooking Grate can be gently cleaned with a typical wire grill brush after each use. If brushed clean, we highly recommend that you apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the Cooking Grate for protection.

Always perform this step on a COLD cooker with NO hot embers present.

All wood fires create smoke. The key to a “smoke-less” fire is a hot fire with plenty of airflow using dry, seasoned hard wood. The OSC has been designed with Ventilation Flues in the base of the Fire Pit to enable a hot fire that will radiate throughout a large area. With periodic cleaning of the ash, the Ventilation Flues should never restrict the flow of air. The OSC can produce a hot and near “smoke-less” fire with the proper fuel and minimal maintenance.

The Original Sherman Cooker burning dry wood produces very little ash, but like all fires it will require occasional cleaning. We recommend removing the Cooking Grate and tipping the Fire Pit on its side to allow for easy access to shovel the ash. 

Always perform this step on a COLD cooker with NO hot embers present.

Yes, we strongly recommend the use of our Fire Grate accessory if you choose to burn charcoal. The Fire Grate is solid cast iron and fits into the base of the Fire Pit. The Fire Grate keeps the charcoal off the ground and allows for proper air flow.

Absolutely not. The Sherman Cooker SHOULD NOT be placed on any flammable material or any surface that can be damaged by high heat. We recommend placing the Sherman Cooker on a level surface composed of dirt, sand, gravel, crushed stone or pebbles.

The components are made, assembled and shipped from Inner-Tite Corp. in Holden, Massachusetts.  The cast iron Fire Pit segments and Cooking Grate are made by Victoria Cookware in Medellín, Colombia. Victoria Cookware has been making high-quality cast-iron components since 1939.

No, we do not offer a protective cover.  The Sherman Cooker is built for the outdoors using the finest raw materials. It is designed to last a lifetime...outside. Unlike other products, the Sherman Cooker can remain outside and does not need additional protection from a cover.

No, we do not. Once the heat from the fire has penetrated the cast iron, it radiates plenty of heat all on its own, so a heat deflector is not needed.

Definitely! Contact us anytime and we’ll get the components you need to you right away.

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